Manicure / Pedicure

Del Rio Academy Manicure & Pedicure Course


Students in this program will learn basic and spa manicures and pedicures. Students will also develop an awareness of personal and public hygiene and sanitation practices in the salon environment.


Admission Requirements: 18 years of age or under 18 with parental consent. 
Submit resume and personal statement.
Complete successful interview with Head Instructor of Del Rio Academy of Hair and Esthetics Ltd. 


Pivot Point Salon Fundamentals - Nails Textbook and Study Guide


Prerequisite for Nail Technology
150 hours / 2 Months / 3 Days a Week
Approximately 1-2 hours of homework each day depending of learning ability of student.


The program is delivered in the class room and salon. The course is divided between classroom theory time and practical applications; both with an instructor and working independently on assignments. The students perform services on each other or clients in the salon while supervised by the instructor; according to the ability of the student.
Instructor: Student ratio, 1 instructor/ 6 students.


This course is designed as an introduction to nail services, focusing on manicures and pedicures, client services and care, procedures and techniques, supplies and equipment related to the manicure and pedicure service. The skills obtained during this Certificate Program allow anyone in the beauty industry to obtain extra income generating services. Upon successful completion of this program, students will have the ability to offer manicure and pedicure services in a spa, salon or even at home. This course is a prerequisite to the Artificial Nail Technology course offered through Del Rio Academy of Hair and Esthetics Ltd.


$2,515.00 Tuition: $1,800.00 • Textbook & Kit: $465.00 • Registration: $250.00


White or black pants or capris, white,  black, or grey tops, soft soled shoes. Hair must be tied back and head band worn during practical applications and/or client services.


Information contained in this course outline is correct at the time of publication. Content of the courses is revised on an ongoing basis to ensure relevance to changing educational employment and marketing needs. The instructor will endeavor to provide notice of changes to students as soon as possible. Timetable may also be revised.