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Hairdressing and Nail Technology Courses.

Del Rio Academy believes that to fully prepare graduates for their careers, students need to train in a physical environment that reflects where they will be working.

For that reason Del Rio Academy features Salon service areas where students can apply their practical knowledge on clients while developing their customer service skills. The school salons are supervised by qualified instructors and are structured to ensure that classroom learning is complimented with this practical experience on clients. By simulating a realistic salon environment, we can further enhance the training the student receives and better prepare each graduate for success in his or her career.

The four available programs are divided into two learning situations; classroom instruction which includes theory and practical hands on work on mannequins, and a school salon where students gain practical experience on clients.

All programs at Del Rio Academy include a Business Skills component.
In today’s competitive salon industry, having strong technical skills alone will not guarantee success. The salon business component of the program introduces the student to important concepts that will prepare them for the professional world of the Beauty Industry.

Del Rio Academy programs have two key goals: A) Teach students the technical skills necessary to perform all manner of hairstyling and Nail services. B) Develop the personal and business skills necessary for success in the salon industry.

Admission Requirements

Please submit this information with your application:

Career Research Essay  (handwritten or typed), include information you have researched regarding wages, job availability, career paths and career advancement in the Hairstyling and Nail Technician. Include your personal reasons for choosing a career in the beauty industry, your long term goals.

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